Guidance from 17th October 2020

Following the most recent government advice concerning London, the following will now be in place from Saturday 17th October.

Tier 2 Lockdown

As Arkley Golf Club falls into a location that has been put into Tier 2 Lockdown, the following restrictions will be put in place;

The Clubhouse will remain open. However, tables of two have been set up for people who are from the same household. Single tables have been set up one metre apart from others for anyone wishing to eat or drink who are not from the same household.
Golf can still be played as normal with the usual social distancing rules applying.


Table Service

When entering the Clubhouse please go straight to a table and not up to the bar.
A member of staff will then be over to take your order and collect payment and ask for details for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes. Once this has been done your order will be brought to your table.
Tables will continue to seat a maximum of 4 people so we can maintain social distancing in the Clubhouse.

Face Coverings


Face coverings must be worn by all members of the public in all indoor areas of the club/facility. Coverings may be removed in the bar for the purpose of eating and drinking. This is also mandatory for all retail and hospitality employees.




As with all phases of the re-opening we need the support of the members and guests to ensure that our Return to Golf continues positively and that we are not forced to take any backward steps. The team on duty will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing is adhered to on site and that all aspects of our safety policy are enforced, please assist them in this. The management team has the authority to enforce the policy and if necessary, ask members or guests to leave the premises if they feel that the actions of individuals could put other club users or members of the team at risk.


Risk Assessment and Safety System


Health and Safety procedures are still in operation throughout the Club and a summary of the key points are shown below;

Regular cleaning of the seating areas, contact points and toilet facilities continue to take place throughout the day.
Team members continue to wash hands regularly and use hand sanitisers.
Sanitizer stations are available to use throughout the Clubhouse.
The reapplication of the antimicrobial surface protection spray (Zoono), which last for 30 days, will take place at the start of every month. This will be applied to all tables and chairs inside and outside the Clubhouse.