Covid-19 Update 4th July 2020

We will be restarting the bar and catering service at the club from Saturday 4th July in-line with updated government guidance. Tables and chairs will be available inside the clubhouse and also outside in the garden, service will operate as per the summer opening hours displayed in the Clubhouse.

Seating and Ordering System

  • The tables will be number from 1 to 14 and each table will seat a maximum of 4 people. Please do not move tables or add additional chairs as we have set the area up to maintain social distancing. We are operating a table only system, no standing groups are permitted.
  • Tables are to be filled in strict number order. Once you have a table number (which will be on your table), proceed to the order window located at the Halfway House. If there is a queue take note of the markings on the ground.
  • When placing your order at the Halfway House, you will be asked for your table number and your tee time. This enables us to monitor and record everyone on site for any given day. We have to keep a record of everyone using the facility and preserve this for 21 days to assist with track and trace should the need arise. We will be using the tee sheet to make this part of the process as easy as possible, so it is even more important that the tee sheet bookings are made in the correct names.
  • Once your order has been placed, and paid for either by bar card or contactless, your order will be delivered to the table by a member of the team.
  • If you are utilising the Clubhouse, a member of staff will ask you for your tee time, take your order and collect payment. Once this has been done your order will be brought to your table.
  • At this time, we can only offer a maximum of two drinks per person.
  • For the time being it will only be possible to serve food and drink to those members and visitors who are playing golf and have a tee time reservation.
  • There will be a 1 hour limit for the use of a table.
  • Maximum occupancy and demand
  • We will assess demand during the first week of opening and adjust these rules if and when required.


    As with all stages of the re-opening we need the support of the members and guests to ensure that our Return to Golf continues positively and that we are not forced to take any backward steps.

    The team on duty will be responsible for ensuring that social distancing is adhered to on site and that all aspects of our safety policy are enforced. The management team has the authority to enforce the policy and if necessary, ask members or guests to leave the premises if they feel that the actions of individuals could put other club users or members of the team at risk.

Whilst we appreciate that we have all been waiting eagerly for the bar to reopen members and guests are reminded of the clubs’ expectations with regards to behaviour standards when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Risk Assessment and Safety System

A full risk assessment has been completed ahead of re-opening and a summary of the key points are shown below;

  • Regular cleaning of the seating areas and toilet facilities will take place throughout the day.
  • Team members will be washing hands regularly and using hand sanitisers.
  • Only contactless payment or member cards will be taken for payment at this time.
  • Only disposable drinks containers will be used at this time.
  • Members are requested to place used drinks containers in the bins provided to reduce the need for staff to handle waste. Bins will be located around the seating area.

    Venky, Martin and the team are looking forward to welcoming you back for a post golf drink. It’s been a long time coming.